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In the U.S. and Canada, we have seven active Associate Resource Groups organized for networking, development and support for Associates at our corporate headquarters and in our loss prevention (LP) group. Our Associate Resource Groups sponsor educational, volunteer and social events in a comfortable venue.

While informal, these groups are also well organized with a dedicated focus on a business objective. Each Associate Resource Group develops an annual business plan describing how it will support our business, and each group has a voice in community relations initiatives. In addition, our Associate Resource Groups are provided an annual operating budget, money for charitable giving and/or community programs, a liaison from Human Resources and an executive sponsor.

Our Associate Resource Groups include: The Multicultural Coalition (MCC); Women Adding Value Everyday (WAVE and U.S. and Canadian WAVE LP); TJX LGBTQ Associates and Allies (PRIDE); Supporting TJX Armed Forces Relations (STAR); and Leadership, Education and Adaptation for Disabilities (LEAD).

Here is just a sample of the programs hosted by our Associate Resource Groups in 2016:



Fundraising for a number of initiatives, including:

In addition to these initiatives, our Associate Resource Groups work to affect change on longer term business issues. Some examples of this include: our WAVE team, which successfully lobbied to get additional coverage for infertility treatments on certain medical plans; our WAVE LP team, which developed a robust handbook and program to recruit more women into loss prevention positions; and our STAR team, which is planning for expansion into two distribution centers to support our goal of hiring veterans and aiding in their career growth.

We are proud to have been recognized for our support of our Associates in various independent rankings over the years.